Sunless Heated Spray Tan Booth

Sunless Heated Spray Tan Booth





tan bed

AUVLs high performance tanning system integrates tanning power and state of the art custom features to make this a smooth yet intense ride.  Experience deep, dark results in the quickest tan time!  Max Session time 10 minutes.


  • “FITS”: Facial Intensive Tanning System utilizes FOUR 1,000 w HP quartz lamps with parabolic reflectors for optimal facial results
  • 54 total lamps in overdrive for the greatest output and shortest tan time
  • Air Conditioned Body Cooling for an intense yet comfortable session.
  • Digital Display Custom Controls with for personalized facial tanning and cooling


Featuring top of the line European tanning beds with Ultra Performance high-pressure facial units.  The Evolution symbolizes progress with perfection.  Smooth apricot in a combination with elegant silver creates a romantic atmosphere while the blue illuminated light focus brings a refreshing coolness into your tanning experience.  15 Minutes Max

  • Built in air  conditioning
  • Voice Guide user prompting set high standards in tanning comfort
  • Delivers maximum UV power and customer comfort
  • Precise angles of reflectivity direct and concentrate the unit’s incredible tanning energy for a maximum effect and results


Ultrasun Powertower.  The spacious cabin permits free movement, enabling a seamless tan to be acquired on virtually every part of the body.  Due to the application of 36 Sunfit XXL 200cm reflector lamps, tanning time protectors, electronic time control with hour counter, body cooling and after cooling. Stand up Unit is max of 12 minutes

sun capsule

The Sun Capsule Euro unit features 40, 160 watt VHR lamps and an 18 MPH fan for comfortable no sweat tanning.  VHR is synonymous with High Performance Tanning.  You will emerge from the stand up with a deep, even tan. Stand up Unit is max of 12 minutes


super sonic

7 Minutes!  That’s right.  A True deep dark 7 minute tan.  But did you expect anything less from the World’s leading manufacturer of vertical tanning equipment?  The Sun Capsule Super Sonic will deliver a tan darker than anything you could imagine from a fluorescent lamp, with the shortest exposure times on the planet.   Once you experience a Super Sonic tan, you will never settle for anything less.

  • Ultimate 7 Minute Standup
  • 220 Watt/54 Lamps
  • Deep, Dark, Head-to-toe Tanning


The benefit of the stand up booths is you get a more even tan around your whole body since your skin is not pressed against the acrylic.  You will get a nice even tan all around as you would in any bed but you will not need to move around.  This is also a great option for clients who get a little claustrophobic in the lay down beds.